Saturday, November 16, 2013

"You Can't Do That" Outtake Footage

On March 31 1964, The Beatles were filmed performing a mock concert in front of fans at the Scala Theatre in London for their first feature length film "A Hard Day's Night" (Phil Collins is in the audience as a young child at this point). The Scala Theatre saw the following songs being mimed that day/evening: "If I Fell", "I Should Have Known Better", "She Love You" and "Tell Me Why". All of these mimed performances can be viewed in the film.
The one song that did not make the cut for the final version of the film was a mimed performance of "You Can't Do That". This song was left off but was used on television for the "Ed Sullivan Show" a couple of months after it was filmed. Ed Sullivan had an interview with the Beatles before the clip is shown (which took place at the Ambassadeurs garden in London on April 17 1964 and finally shown with interview and clip in place on May 24 1964.
You can see the clip commercially on the video documentary "The Making of A Hard Day's Night" as well as on the YouTube link below: (the audio runs a little slow)

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