Saturday, November 2, 2013

"From Us To You" For The Second Time.

On February 28 1964, The Beatles arrived at Studio One, BBC Piccadilly Studios in London to record their second episode of the "From Us To You" radio special. The show would eventually be broadcast at the end of March 1964 (the 30th to be exact).
The show starts with the familiar them song "From Us To You" with the lyrics changed to suit the radio show (From Me To You, of Course). The guests on this show included the Hollies and the Stones.
The next tune played is the new B-side of the new single "You Can't Do That" with cool reverb on John's voice and George playing his 12-string Rickenbaker. This is followed by a Chuck Berry cover sung by George "Roll Over Beethoven" which opens side two of the second Beatles LP (the latest one at this point). In between Paul's banter with the host Alan Freeman about his vocal influences, John is buy promoting his first book "In His Own Write" which was a recent release at the time.
The next four songs are all from the second LP "With The Beatles". First up is the cover ballad of "Till There Was You" sung by Paul himself, this is followed by a spotlight for Ringo with his version of the original Lennon/McCartney tune "I Wanna Be Your Man" (also covered by the Stones). After this, John Lennon once again takes the lead for a version of the classic Motown cover of "Please Mister Postman". Paul takes over from John and sings his original tune "All My Loving". After this tune, John once again engages in banter with host and promotes his book once again - a little more deeply this time.
The Beatles return to their previous single for a version of the B-side "This Boy" with harmonies by all three frontmen and lead by John. The Beatles promote their latest single by playing it for the BBC: "Can't Buy Me Love"  (the A-side and the number 1 single in the UK by the time the show was first aired) with Paul on the lead. The Beatles finish the set with another reprise version of the theme song "From Us to You".
This particular show is available on a number of bootlegs and actually a lot of the songs were released commercially on the Apple 2-LP/2-CD "Live At the BBC" including the theme "From Us To You", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Till There Was You", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "All My Loving". The rest of the material can probably best be found on the vinyl bootleg "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Nine" as well as the Great Dane Box set CD volume seven on "The complete BBC Sessions".

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