Saturday, September 21, 2013

A REALLY BIG Shew...Part 2.

The Beatles returned to Studio 50 in New York City of the evening of February 09 1964 for the most important date of their career thus far. This live performance on the "Ed Sullivan Show" has become one of the most historical moments in music history and the history of the 1960s as well, arguably, the history of the world.
On the evening of February 09 1964, The Beatles played five songs (three at the start of the show and two near the end of the show). The vocal mix is a bit weird as it features Paul's voice slightly louder than John's voice thereby being a bit unbalanced sound wise. It has been mentioned that a proper mix was available from the sound board as the levels were marked off with chalk but that the late afternoon cleaner had wiped the chalk marks off the board.
The five songs performed for the evening of February 09 1964 include "All My Loving" which is sung by Paul and appears on the "Meet The Beatles!" LP, followed by "Till There Was You" which is again sung by Paul and again appears on the "Meet The Beatles!" LP. The first half of their appearance on the show is completed with a performance of "She Loves You" which was at that time a single on the Swan label.
The current hit single is performed near the end of the show with the B-side sung first; "I Saw Her Standing There" features Paul on vocal and then they end with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" which is, of course, the A-side sung by John and Paul. The band then puts their guitars down and go shake Ed's hand and wave to the crowd. The world would never be the same.
This performance is currently available as a visual DVD along with most of the other Ed Sullivan performances. The "Anthology" series features "All My Loving" from this performance. There is also the commercial audio release of "All My Loving" and the intro on the Apple 3-LP/ 2-CD "Anthology 1". Various vinyl bootlegs also have the audio such as "The Beatles Conquer America" and "Ed's Really Big Beatles Blasts".

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