Saturday, September 14, 2013


The Beatles were taken to Studio 50 in New York City on February 09 1964 for two tasks: first was to tape a performance that would be aired later in the month, and the other being the historic live show in the evening.
This entry takes a look at the taped performance. Three songs were performed and were eventually broadcast on February 23 1964. The performance took place in the afternoon and was the Beatles' first performance on US soil.
The first two songs are from the US issued "Introducing The Beatles" LP on the Vee Jay label, namely "Twist And Shout" and "Please Please Me"; both tunes having mainly John on vocals with assistance from Paul and George on the first and lots of Paul harmonies on the second. The third and final song broadcast on the show features a different stage set and may have been part of a dress rehearsal as the camera angles are similar to the evening's live set (according to John Winn in his excellent book "Way Beyond Compare"). The song is "I Want To Hold Your Hand" sung by John and Paul and the latest American single on Capitol records.
The entire performance is available commercially on the DVD, "Ed Sullivan Presents The Beatles" and the "Anthology" as well as "First US Visit". The audio portion can be found on various vinyl bootlegs including "The Beatles Conquer America" and "Ed's Really Big Beatles Blasts".

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