Saturday, June 1, 2013

"The Beatles Come To Town" Pathe News Reel

On November 20 1963 (two days before the release of the second LP) The Beatles were filmed in colour for a Pathe News reel entitled "The Beatles Come To Town". This feature last almost seven minutes and shows a complete performance of "She Loves You" (the lastest single) as well as the cover version of The Isley Brothers' classic "Twist And Shout"/ a bit of the instrumental ending of "From Me To You" is also heard.
The venue for this film is at the ABC Cinema in Manchester. The soundtrack for this feature is available on the vinyl bootleg "ABC Manchester" and "Recovered Tracks". Most of the footage has been released commercially on such projects as "The Complete Beatles" and Apple's "Anthology".
You can see the entire newsreel here:

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  1. Saw in in 1965. In fact, I saw it each and everyday as long as it was in our teathers. So many memories.