Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swinging Sound '63

On the evening of April 18 1963, The Beatles performed live in concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. BBC radio decided to simulcast two songs for broadcast (the two songs in question being their latest single "Thank You Girl" and "From Me To You".
When it came time for the live broadcast, The Beatles made an artistic decision to substitute "Thank You Girl" and play "Twist and Shout" instead. The latter song was shortened by removing part of a verse in order for it to have the same approximate length as the original planned B-side. The hosts for the evening were George Melly and Rolf Harris.
Therefore, two songs: "Twist And Shout"/"From Me To You" are available for your listening pleasure on the bootleg LP "The Beatles At The Beeb, Volume One" as well as the "Complete BBC Sessions" CD Great Dane box set.

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  1. I have the programme for that concert in 1963