Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Live Performance For A New Single

On April 03 1963, The Beatles arrived at the Playhouse Theatre in London to record live in concert for the BBC radio show "Easy Beat". The main reason was to promote the newest single "From Me To You".  A tape of the performance exists on bootleg. The song is introduced by BBC host Brian Matthews along with a guest appearance of Gerry Marsden (of the Pacemakers). The intro has Mr. Matthews asking Mr. Marsden if the song will be a number one hit with Mr. Marsden repeating "I Hope So" and the quoting his own his "How Do You Do It?" which of course was a huge hit for the Pacemakers but turned down for release by The Beatles.
It's a good version of the tune. The sound is not the best, but the speed and musicianship is very good. Very much worth a listen.
This performance is available on the "Meet The Beeb" and "The Beatles At The Beeb W/Pete Best (sic)" vinly LPs as well as on The Complete BBC Sessions Great Dane box set.

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