Monday, July 2, 2012

"How Do You Do It" recording session.

On September 04 1962, The Beatles walked back into the EMI recording studio in order to produce candidates for their upcoming first single. The session was produced by George Martin in studio two. It seems that The Beatles had been given a demo of a Mitch Murray written song entitled "How Do You Do It" and George Martin had asked that the band learn the song and it would be recorded on this date as one of the candidates for the single.
It seems that the recording was completed in one take (with a second overdub take of handclaps). The singing and playing are fine, but also sound a little reserved. It would have made an "all right" release. The next song completed in over 15 takes was "Love Me Do" which ended up commercially released on the UK and Canadian single. This version features Ringo on drums (this session was also his first with the group). It seems that George Martin didn't think much of the drumming for this version and it was edited according to Norman Smith (the engineer for the session) quite drastically. I have a hard time hearing any major edits to the song myself.
"How Do You Do It" and "Love Me Do" were both mixed in mono only and no true stereo mixes of these songs exist. I still don't understand how George Martin could have been dis-satisfied with Ringo's drumming when the former song was completed in only one take with no drumming problems whatsoever.
"How Do You Do It" first appeared on a vinyl bootleg single in the middle 1970s. It also appears on the vinyl bootleg LP/CD  "Ultra Rare Trax, Volume One" and the bootleg CD "Unsurpassed Masters, Volume One. An edited (by George Emerick) version of "How Do You Do It" appears on the "Sessions" bootleg and finally officially released on the 3-LP/2-CD Apple "Anthology 1" project.

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