Saturday, June 30, 2012

Teenager's Turn - Here We Go (Again) !!

On June 11 1962, The Beatles made another radio performance on the BBC network. This was the second and last time Pete Best was on drums for a radio performance. The studio were these tunes were recorded was The Playhouse Theatre in Manchester.
Some of the Beatles Fan Club were bused down from Liverpool (for a fee) in order to participate in the clapping, screaming, etc. They recorded three songs that have been released on bootleg: the first one being the only Lennon/McCartney original for the evening: "Ask Me Why" with John on vocal, the second one being "Besame Mucho" which was also auditioned a few days earlier at the first EMI session, this one having Paul on vocal and finally the third song being "A Picture Of You" written by Joe Brown and being sung by George.
This show has been spread out on bootleg LPs with "A Picture Of You"on the LP of the same name, "Besame Mucho" coming from the "Directly from Santa Claus" LP (the picture disc version appearing above) and the entire show being released on "Meet The Beeb" and "The Beatles At The Beeb with Pete Best" LPs. The Great Dane box set has the entire show as well.

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