Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Bonnie sessions

The next studio sessions for the Beatles occurred while they were in Germany playing at the Top Ten Club. In May 1961, Tony Sheridan was signed to a record deal with Polydor and The Beatles were hired to back up Mr. Sheridan for some recording sessions.
The sessions took place on June 22 and 23 1961. The following songs were recorded: "My Bonnie" (with both the German and English intro), "The Saints", "Why" and "Cry For A Shadow" (this last song being an original Lennon/Harrison composition). All of the above were recorded in amazing sounding stereo although the original versions were first released in mono.
"My Bonnie"/ "The Saints" was first released in Germany on a single in mono, "Why" and "Cry For A Shadow" were first released in mono on a French EP. Eventually, all of the tracks were released in mono and stereo on various compilations (E.G. the first two tracks on the "My Bonnie" LP and "Let's Do the Madison" LP, all four tracks on "The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan & Guests", the first track for "The Best Of Tony Sheridan", all four tracks on "In The Beginning (circa 1960)", etc.)

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