Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Ain't She Sweet" session.

The next day on June 24 1961, the Beatles along with Tony Sheridan moved to another studio to complete the three day recording sessions started on June 22. Three songs were recorded on this day: "Ain't She Sweet" had a John Lennon vocal, "Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby" and "Nobody's Chile" both covers by Jimmy Reed and Hank Snow respectively featuring Tony Sheridan on vocals.
The location of the recordings were at Studio Rahlstedt in Hamburg Germany.
None of these recordings would be used until they were released two years later on a French EP (in mono) and a French 10-inch LP (in stereo). "Nobody's Child" appeared as a B-side in the UK on Polydor NH 52-906 on January 31 1964. "Ain't She Sweet"/"Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby" appeared in May 1964 in the UK on Polydor and in June 01 in North America on ATCO 6302. All three appear on "The Beatles' First" LP (Polydor 236-201) in the UK and re-released as a single on ATCO as "Ain't She Sweet" with a differenct B side "Nobody's Chile" on ATCO 6308. all three songs were featured on the LP "The Amazing Beatles and Other Great English Group Sounds" on Clarion 601 in North America on October 17 1966. All songs appear on "The Beatles Circa 1960 - In The Beginning" on Polydor 24-4504 LP in North American among other configurations during the last 40 years or so.

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