Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Strange Single From Capitol Records

As EMI and Capitol records were preparing to release it's second "theme" 2-LP set containing a compilation of Beatles' love songs, Capitol records in the United States issued a promotion single to radio station containing two of the love songs slated for said release.

The single had "Girl", the Lennon tune from the "Rubber Soul" sessions on it's A-side while the B-side was to contain "You're Going To Lose That Girl", another Lennon tune this time from the "Help!" sessions. Both tunes were described as "from the LP "Love Songs" SKBL-11711". The distribution of the promotional single to the media took place on or about October 13 1977.

Although the commercial version of the single was eventually cancelled, promotional singles containing the song "Girl" on both sides (mono/stereo) (mono being a folded down stereo). The catalogue number for the promotional single is: Capitol P-4506. The label is gold and brown with the "Love Songs" logo featuring the Richard Avedon's photos along the top.

A picture sleeve was also manufactured for the purpose of the (eventually) cancelled commercial version which featured the same leather texture and gold foil type brown front and back and it also contained the oval "Love Songs" logo similar to the "Love Songs" 2-LP cover. Commercial labels for the single were manufactured but the commercial single did not get to the pressing plants. There are several "fake" copies of the commercial single available.

Discussion of the "Love Songs" Capitol/EMI 2-LP set will be written about in the upcoming post.

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