Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Single From the Double LP

On May 31 1976, Capitol Records in North America had released a single with two tracks taken from the upcoming Capitol 2-LP set: "Rock 'N' Roll Music". This single (Capitol 4274) contained the songs "Got To Get You Into My Life/ Helter Skelter". Both songs featured on the "Rock 'N' Roll Music" LPs. This single was only released in North America.

On June 25 1976, EMI records in the UK did the same thing in the sense that a single was released in order to promote the "Rock 'N' Roll Music" Lps. This single was only released in the UK. This single (Parlophone R 6016) contained the songs "Back In The USSR/ Twist And Shout". How these two songs are related in any way (besides being on the compilation LPs) remains a mystery to me. The choice of songs seems so random.

Anyhoo, an attractive picture sleeve was featured and contained the four portrait photos from the Beatles 2-LP/2-CD "White Album (The Beatles)". The songs written above the portraits in green in order to co-incide with the recent release of the entire single output by EMI.

The "Back In The USSR" single was also available in the Worlds Record version of the singles box set as well as the later 1982 EMI version of the Beatles singles box set albeit with a different picture sleeve design (more on this in a later post).

The single made the two twenty in the UK (number 19). Very respectable for a well know 60s song being promoted in the mid 70s.

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