Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Loretta Fart

The final song on the Apple LP/CD "Let It Be" is an original composition by Lennon/McCartney mainly written by Paul entitled "Get Back".

The single version of the song has been discussed in a previous post of September 19 2010 and this post will deal with the LP version (both versions are different).

The LP version of the song was recorded on Monday January 27 1969 at Apple Studios. There were countless takes of "Get Back" played over and over on that day and when it was re-started after a lunch break both the beginning dialogue "Sweet Loretta Fart", "Rosetta" and the count-in. This take would be used on the "Let It Be" LP.

The "Get Back" unreleased LP used an edit piece from a recording made the next day on January 28 1969 at Apple Studios. This piece was simply faded in and faded out with an improvisation from Paul (Ho-ho-ho ing and all that).

The end "audition" comment by John Lennon was cross-faded onto the January 27 1969 take by Phil Spector for the "Let It Be" LP version. The comment was made on the rooftop of the Apple building during the impromptu lunch break concert. The concert took place on January 30 1969. The "Let It Be" film uses an edit of the first two concert takes of "Get Back" as well as the final takes along with the comments.

Five re-mixes of this LP version was completed by Phil Spector on March 26 1970 from room 4 at EMI Studios London.

This version of "Get Back" can be found on the Apple LP/CD "Let It Be". Most of the Beatles' greatest hits compilations would use the single version of "Get Back". ( See entry for this discography history).

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