Sunday, December 19, 2010

She'll Never Walk Down Lime Street Anymore

The last song on side one of the Apple LP "Let It Be" and track 07 of the CD "Let It Be" is a traditional song not written by the Beatles but arranged Skiffle-like by them. The song is entitled "Maggie Mae".

This track was recorded on Friday January 24 1969 live at Apple Studios during the "Get Back" project. The tune was kept and added to both the unreleased "Get Back" LP and the Apple LP/CD "Let It Be".

The song was first mixed in stereo by Glyn Johns for the "Get Back" LP on Thursday March 13 1969. This mixing took place at Olympic Studios, London.

Finally, on Thursday March 26 1970, Phil Spector remixed "Maggie Mae" in two attempts with the second attempt being used for the commercial release. This mixing took place in Room 4 of EMI studios.

The Apple label on the original Apple LP versions contain various credits for this song. In the UK, the label reads the credit as "Trad. arr. Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey". First issue labels in North America give the credit as "P.D." (Public domain). Later US labels denote the credit as "P.D. arr. Lennon;McCartney;Harrison;Starkey".

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