Saturday, April 20, 2019

"Teddy Boy"

"Teddy Boy" was a song written by Paul McCartney in Rishikesh, India around March of 1968 and later refined in Scotland and London. The song was going to be offered up to The Beatles first for the "White Album" and it was also rehearsed and recorded in January 1969 for the "Get Back/Let It Be" project but was not chosen for official release although early versions of the song appear the Glyn Johns mixes/ sequences for early "Get Back" LP consideration. The revamp was undertaken in early 1970 when "Teddy Boy" was dropped from the sequence with George Harrison's newly recorded "I Me Mine" and "Across The Universe" taking it's place on the LP ("Teddy Boy" is not seen in the movie whereby the other two songs are). The song taken from both the January 24 and January 28 1969 "Get Back/Let It Be" sessions from Apple Studios can be found on the Apple 3 LP/2CD project "Anthology 3".
Paul must have really loved this tune as it was also recorded at his St. John Wood home on his Studer four track machine with acoustic guitar, bass and Paul/Linda vocals (Linda on harmonies). This version was brought to Morgan Studios in London and drums/more vocals were added. The song was also mixed  in stereo at Morgan between February 10/20 1970 and released on the Apple LP/CD "McCartney".

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