Saturday, February 2, 2019

"Hot As Sun/Glasses/Suicide" Recording Session

Three pieces of music were made into a medley for Paul McCartney's first Apple solo LP entitled "McCartney". All of these pieces were recorded in London and mixed in London  The recordings were made at Morgan Studios early in February 1970 (the exact date is unknown) and mixed at EMI Abbey Road Studios 2 on February 24 1970.
The first piece "Hot As Sun" is an instrumental that was written by Paul in the early day of the Quarrymen/ Beatles during their Cavern period . The middle section was added by Paul specifically to complete the song probably before going in to record it. It has all the instruments played by McCartney including: organ, guitars, bass, drums, maracas, bongos and acoustic as well.
The instrumental fades out and the second piece "Glasses" commences. This is basically Paul playing wine glasses several times in a random order and overdubbing his various takes randomly as well.
The wine glasses stop and we hear Paul playing the third and final piece of the "Medley". At the time of release no one knew the title of the song since there is only a small section of the song being sang and it fades out rather quickly. The song in question we later learn is entitled "Suicide" and was written with Frank Sinatra in mind. The entire song can be heard on the "McCartney Archive Collection" 2LP/2CD set on the second disc. There is also video of Paul performing the song at EMI Studios during the taping of "One Hand Clapping" in August 1974 and this visual can also be found on the "Archive" collection. A home studio demo of the song made in Scotland at Rude Studios in 1977 with an extra verse as well as additional bass and drums can be heard on the bootleg CD "Good Times Comin'" by Vigatone. A bit of the song was also performed on the BBC show "Parkinson" in the UK on December 02,1999 with Paul at the grand piano explaining his desire to "give" it to Sinatra.
"Hot As Sun" was also performed live in concert during Wings' 1979 UK tour. The Glasgow 1979 performance can be heard on the bonus audio of the "Archive" collection as well as a video of Wings performing the song for "The Concert For the People of Kampuchea" in December 1979.

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