Saturday, January 5, 2019

"That Would Be Something"

Another track that was written by Paul McCartney pre-Christmas 1969 and recorded at around the same time as his other tune "The Lovely Linda", the song "That Would Be Something" had Paul playing all instruments and vocals. The instrumentation for this one contains electric and acoustic guitar, bass, a single drum "tom" and cymbals.
The song was mixed at Abbey Road (EMI) Studios on February 22 1969 and it was released on Paul's first Apple solo LP "McCartney".
Paul must have been quite fond of this tune as it was performed with his "Off The Ground" band for the taping of MTV's "Unplugged" series on January 25 1991.  The song was also included in the set list for the May/June 1991 UK "surprise gigs. The performances included the same line-up of musicians (the "Off The Ground" band).

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