Saturday, December 1, 2018

"I'm A Fool To Care" Sessions

Another track for the first Ringo solo LP "Sentimental Journey".  This particular track was arranged by Beatles' Hamburg friend and bass player Klaus Voorman. The song was written by Ted Daffan and was originally a hit for Les Paul and Mary Ford.
The backing track was recorded in Studio 2 of Abbey Road with the instrumental rhythm of drums, bass, horn and piano (supposedly played by Beatles' musical colleague Billy Preston) on February 11 1970. It took 21 takes and the last three takes were edited together for the commercial release. With the addition of an acoustic guitar and Ringo's vocal overdubbed, the song was mixed in stereo.
Six days later on February 17 1970, it was decided to add a 15 piece string section to the recording and therefore there was a tape reduction in order to accommodate this. Lastly, the song was once again mixed to stereo with the new addition on February 20 1970 and this was the final mix.
It was released on the Apple LP/CD "Sentimental Journey" and can be heard here:

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