Saturday, July 7, 2018

"Stormy Weather"

The progression for the first Ringo solo LP continued slowly at the end of the year and picking up speed as it went along. The second session for the LP was undertaken at Wessex Sound Studios in London with another "standard" to be orchestrated, conducted and finally adding Ringo's vocal to the orchestral backing.
The song in quesion was "Stormy Weather" written by Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen.
The recording session took place on November 06 1969 with George Martin conducting the orchestra. The arranger of this piece is unknown to me. Ringo entered the studio in the evening and laid down his vocal over the 18 piece orchestra.
There were no mixes made of the song and it was eventually discarded and not included on the LP but the song can be found on various bootlegs including the John Barrett tapes and put on a Vigotone CD entitled "Through Many Years".
Here's youtube link (Ringo's vocal is a bit flat which may be a reason why is was not used).

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