Saturday, April 1, 2017

The "Is This What You Want" Sessions

In mid October to the end of the year 1968, George Harrison participated in the recording sessions for the Jackie Lomax LP "Is this What You Want" for Apple records. George, Jackie and Mal Evans traveled to Los Angeles to work at Sound Records in L.A. to produce the sessions. We have George on guitar as well as some of the "wrecking crew" recording personnel such as Larry Knechtel on keys and Hal Blaine on drums with Joe Osborne on bass. Three tunes containing the aforementioned line up included "Take My Word", the title track and "Speak To Me". Orchestral strings were added at the end of that month.
Fast forward to December 1968 and we see some of the session continue with the musicians consisting of Eric Clapton, George and Ringo producing the song "You've Got Me Thinking" as well as the addition of horns for various tunes from the LP.
Also in mid December 1968, John and Yoko are filmed sitting on a bench at Coventry Cathedral dressed all in black with John strumming his acoustic guitar and singing his latest composition "Everybody Had A Hard Year" which of course would develop into the addition to Paul's "I've Got A Feeling" for the Get Back/Let It Be sessions the following month.

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