Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Hey Jude" outtakes

There is an interesting outtake for "Hey Jude" that is available commercially on the Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 3" project. This outtake is pre-Trident Studios (where the eventual take from the single was recorded) and also pre "film crew" as well.
This take would be considered take 2 of six takes recorded on July 29 1968 at EMI Studio number 2. The take was recorded on four track for the time being with composer Paul McCartney's vocal on track 1 and his piano on track 2, John's acoustic guitar as well as George's electric guitar on track 3 and the drums on track 4 played by Ringo, of course.
The arrangement of the song barely changes from this stage on. The verses and chorus are in the same place and the lyrics seem to be fairly complete with very minor changes from this take to the final take recorded days later at Trident.
The next evening July 30 1968 and at the same EMI location, The Beatles once again worked on the song except that George Harrison did not play on these takes but was located in the control room with George Martin. A film crew as present as well in order to record some footage for a documentary film entitled "Experiment in Television: Music!". Audio wise, we have a few outtakes from this session including take 7 (which lasts about five minutes) including an extended coda with some ad-libs from John and Paul. There is also a half spoken word type between song audio snippet which is usually identified as "Las Vegas Jude" on the bootlegs. We also have the end of take 8 in to take 9 on the audio bootlegs as well.
Most of the July 30th outtakes can be heard on the CD bootlegs: "Unsurpassed Masters, Volume 4" and "Unsurpassed Masters, Volume 6" at various speeds.
Finally, the song was re-made at Trident Studios in London the next evening on July 31 1968 on eight track making this the first Beatles recording on eight track. The basic track featured Paul on piano/vocal, John on acoustic, Ringo on drums and some occasional electric guitar by George. The first take was used as the final backing track with some bass, percussion (tambourine), a fresh lead and backing vocals. The 36 piece orchestra for the final coda was recorded at Trident the next evening on August 01 1968.
The mono mix heard on the Apple single was mono and was mixed at EMI on August 08 1968 (the third attempt was used) and the stereo mix used on the Apple LP of the same name was created a year later in 1969.
Here is take 7 from the July 30 1968 session plus a bit of "Las Vegas Jude":

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