Saturday, October 29, 2016

Revolution Outtake

Upon the completion and work on "Revolution 1" and Revolution 9" for the upcoming LP, it was decided to use the song for the next Beatles single. This time the song would be re-recorded with a faster and more lively tempo.
On July 09 and July 10 1968, The Beatles used EMI Studio 3 to re-record the song. After several rehearsal attempts on the ninth of July, the next day (July 10) started with proper backing tracks. This included John and George playing distorted guitars (through the studio board) and heavy drums by Ringo. There were ten attempts at the backing with the last one being used on the release.
This time the song did not feature the "doo-wop" backing vocals and the only overdub would eventually be a short keyboard solo by Nicky Hopkin. For the moment, both guitars went on track 1 and drums on track 2. John Lennon recorded his vocal on track 3 with the "count me out" vocal; no "in". On the last track, John Lennon laid down the famous "scream" from the intro with an accent on the drums by Ringo. The vocals and intro vocal were then all put onto track 3 leaving track 4 open (probably for the future bass and keyboard overdubs).
This stage of the recording in mono was put on an EMI acetate and has been bootlegged on various formats including the LP "The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 4" and the CD "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7" and the CD "Revolution" as well.

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