Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rishikesh Audio

Between mid February to late March 1968, The Beatles (minus Ringo who left early due to the food) were situated in Rishikesh, India at an "Ashram" whereby they were instructed to medidate with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  at the Academy for Trancendental Meditation.
Between March 01 and March 15 1968, some snippets of audio were recorded by an Italian television crew of the Beatles and friends singing some standards including titles such as : When The Saints Go Marching In, Jingle Bells, She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Blowin in the Wind, Hare Krishna Mantra, It's Now or Never, Catch the Wind (Donovan),
Also recorded on March 15 1968 were some improvised tunes including : Spiritual Regeneration/ Happy Birthday To You (sung at Mike Love's (of the Beach Boys) birthday party).
Most of these recordings are simply snippets or parts of songs accompanied by acoustic guitar played by either one of the Beatles or Donovan. They can be found on various bootlegs including in the documentary "The Complete Beatles" and vinyl bootlegs "Nothing But Aging" and on CD "Arrive Without Aging". The Happy Birthday wishes and tunes can be found on bootleg vinyl including the LP "Indian Rope Trick" and the LP/CD "Strawberry Fields Forever", etc. The narration hear in the recording is by Wolfman Jack.

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