Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Jessie's Dream"

In the Beatles film "Magical Mystery Tour", there is a weird scene whereby Ringo's Aunt Jessie is having a dream while sitting in the tour bus. She dreams of sitting at a table with Buster Blood-vessel (you gotta see the movie to understand what I'm talking about) as they eat spaghetti served by John Lennon in a waiter's outfit. The outlandish thing is that the spaghetti is served by John using a shovel as he takes it from a heap and pours it on the dinner plate/table.
It's a very interesting scene with a soundtrack playing in the background. The soundtrack is mainly piano with some chant and noises added
. It's even in stereo on the re-issue !! There is no record of who is playing what but this would have been recorded sometime in October 1967.
The soundtrack to the movie scene can be heard on the CD bootleg: "Back-Track Part Two" and "Magical Mystery Demos".

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