Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Hello Hello" Take 1

On October 02 1967 at EMI Studio 2 in London, England The Beatles decided to start the recording of a new tune that Paul McCartney had written inspired by a conversation between himself and fellow friend/NEMS employee Alistair Taylor concerning the use of antonyms (opposites in word form). The song was to be entitled "Hello Goodbye" but referred to on this date - and on tape - as "Hello Hello" which could have been a mistake.
The song was probably picked as a single early on as it does not appear on the "Magical Mystery Tour" film apart from the end coda snippet running over the closing credits in mono.
The basic track with Paul on the piano, Ringo on Drums, maybe John on Organ and George on percussion/tambourine. Ken Scott was the engineer over the talkback speaker when take 1 is announced and off they go. The arrangement of the song is slightly extended but very similar to the released, commercial take of the single. It ends up that take fourteen of the basic track was chosen for reductions and overdubs with a bit of percussion (maracas) added on this evening's recording session.
Take 1 can be heard on the vinyl bootleg "Ultra Rare Trax, Volumes 5 and 6" as well as on the bootleg CDs "Not Guilty" and "Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3".  Ringo's drumming is "Par Excellente" !!

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