Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Take 06

A new Beatles composition written mainly by John Lennon has surfaced at this time and it would be an addition to the new LP being recorded. The song was entitled "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" inspired by John's son Julian's title for a painting he had done at school.
There were rehearsals for the song in Studio 2 at EMI on February 28 but nothing exists from these rehearsals and anything recorded was probably erased.
Attempts at a backing track were also recorded on March 01 1967 once again during the evening at the same location as the rehearsal (Studio 2 at EMI) in London. Seven takes were attempted with the seventh one ultimately used.
We also have take 06 of the backing track with Paul McCartney playing the organ including the opening riff, George Martin is on piano, George Harrison is playing an acoustic guitar and John Lennon is singing a guide vocal along with shaking some maracas. Eventually by the next take, the piano would be taken out and not used on the final recording.
This take can be found on the television special "The Making of Sgt. Pepper" whereby George Martin and Paul McCartney sit at a modern control board and pull faders up and down revealing the sounds. From this soundtrack, the song is also available on the bootlegs "Arrive Without Travelling" on LP and "Arrive Without Aging" on CD.

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