Saturday, September 12, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 26 and RM9

A week after the recording of Take 25, on December 15 1966, The Beatles gathered into EMI Studio 2 in London for more work on the song "Strawberry Fields Forever". This time take 25 ( the heavy strings and cello version) was reduced from four tracks to two tracks. This would leave another two tracks to work on since at this time The Beatles still worked with four track mixing !!
On the third track we hear Lennon's vocals along with the addition of George Harrison playing the decending Svaramandal Indian instrument. There is also a mellotron loop of what sounds like backwards flute at the end of the song where Ringo's mad drumming is during the coda. Acetates of the work in progress were made and given to the members of the band at this session as well.
Probably the best way to hear this amazing take/mono mix is on the bootleg CD "Turn Me On, Dead Man" (the John Barrett tapes). I've added an audio sample of the mix via the youtube site:

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