Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beatles Live at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, USA

It's amazing that the 1966 world tour has very, very little audio of the actual full concerts. Apart from Germany and Japan, the only complete show that I know of from the US is the final show at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29 1966.
The new LP was "Revolver" and the single was "Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby" but none of these were played. Only "Paperback Writer" was attempted from the "Revolver" sessions and nothing else. By this time The Beatles were sick of touring and looking forward to establishing themselves as a recording unit which they would do quite nicely.
This concert was supposedly recorded on cassette by the Beatles' press office Tony Barrow who was instructed to do so by the group. The Beatles would normally forbid any filming or recording of their concerts without special permission and as this was a special occasion (the entire group knew this would be the last concert) they went ahead and recorded most of it. The last song on the tape is the beginning portion of "Long Tall Sally" (replacing the usual "I'm Down") and then the 30 minute tape ends abruptly.
The set list for the show is as follows: "Intro"/ "Rock And Roll Music"/ "She's A Woman"/ "If I Needed Someone"/ "Day Tripper"/ "Baby's In Black"/ "I Feel Fine"/ "Yesterday"/ "I Wanna Be Your Man"/ "Nowhere Man"/ "Paperback Writer"/ "Long Tall Sally" (portion).
The entire show can be found on various bootlegs including the vinyl LP "Candlestick Park, San Francisco '66"/ the CD "Live In Paris 1964 and San Francisco 1966"/ "Candlestick Park: Big Events of '66"/ "Shea/Candlestick Park".

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