Saturday, March 28, 2015

"And Your Bird Can Sing" - Take 2

The first attempt at a new "John song" from the session completed on April 20 1966 from EMI Studio 2. This first attempt for "And Your Bird Can Sing" had been officially released and basically unheard of before the mid 1990's when it was released on the Apple 3-LP/2-CD title "Anthology 2".
This is take two containing a vocal overdub from both John and Paul for backing. It seems that there was something causing them both to break out into laughter for some reason or another. The song is in a lower key than what would be the second attempt along with a slightly different arrangement. The guitars in this are killer. Instead of an overdub or double tracking for the solo and the riffing; it's both George Harrison and McCartney playing together !! Very cool indeed.
The CD mix of the song allows one to remove the "laughing vocals" using the Out of Phase process if one chooses to and it's been done in certain cases on certain bootlegs in order to present the song without the annoyance of laughter but just the pure first version.
I've included a link below which contains the second the third track of the song: on the second track is Paul's bass and a tambourine added by Ringo. The third track contains the previous vocals (including John's lead vocal) as well as the attempt at the "laughing" overdub by John and Paul. The third track also contains the guitar solo and the end by Paul and George.

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