Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blackpool Night Out in '65

The Beatles made a television appearance in the UK on August 01 1965 in order to promote the new single. They played at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool in the UK. The show was entitled "Blackpool Night Out". The show's hosts for the evening were Mike and Bernie Winters. The show was broadcast live from the venue.
The setlist for this show is the same as the future "Ed Sullivan" show in the upcoming post. The setlist also highlights a short selection of what the US 1965 tour (including Shea Stadium) would feature.
The first song performed for the show was "I Feel Fine", a number one original single featuring John on vocals. This was followed by the current (for the time) B-side of the new single "I'm Down" featuring Paul on vocals and John on elbow-keyboard. Ringo then gets a turn on the vocals with his song from the upcoming LP : "Act Naturally". This is followed by the previous A-side single "Ticket To Ride" with John on vocals, a new song from the upcoming LP "Yesterday" played by only Paul and a string quartet hired for the occasion and finally the closing song being the new A-side single "Help!" - as well as being the title of the new LP and the new film.
The audio for this performance can be found on the bootleg CD "Pollwinners Go To Blackpool" although the Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2" : namely "I Feel Fine", "Ticket To Ride", "Yesterday" and "Help!" were released commercially.
The entire performance can be seen here:

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