Saturday, September 27, 2014

"That Means A Lot" Session - Second Attempt

On the evening of March 30 1965, The Beatles decended back into Studio Two at EMI studios in order to try once again to salvage the original composition "That Means A Lot". This was a remake of the previous attempt a month earlier. It says something about this song in that there were not that many remakes of tunes during the Beatles' recording career. They are far and few between. The band must have seen potential in this number although judging by the outtakes, it's clear that this tune became a bit of a lost cause after a few takes. Too bad, it's a great melody and may have fit well on the soundtrack.
Take 20 is played in a different key (the original key is E and this one moves up three semi-tones to G making it quite high). I don't know why the band decided to try it in this key as it is obviously way to high for McCartney to sing, but they get through it OK. Take 22 has a nice riff at the beginning and in the verses and is back in the key of E. Takes 23 and 24 are played in the higher key again and they both consist of abandoned attempts with the band eventually purposely playing sloppy near the end of both takes.
All of this can be heard on the excellent CD compilation bootleg "Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes" in excellent sound.
It should be noted that overdubs for "You're going To Lose That Girl" were also completed at this evening's sessions.
I've included takes 20-24 from Youtube for your listening pleasure:

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