Friday, June 20, 2014

Shindig !

On October 03 1964, The Beatles appeared on the US television show "Shindig!" which in this case was presented to the world from London, England. The performance was taped at the Granville Studio and was shown in North America four days later on October 07 and was on the ABC network.
The Beatles performed three songs: "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey!" ( a cover of Little Richard), "I'm A Loser" ( a Lennon/McCartney original which had been recorded back in Mid-August of that year), and the chestnut from the first LP "Boys" (another cover sung by Ringo). The Beatles also participated in the closing credits while the song "Swanee River" is played.
I've included the youtube clip of the performance. The audio can also be found on the vinyl bootleg "The Beatles Conquer America".

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