Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beatles Live in Frisco

The Beatles hit the USA in a big way. They were unstoppable at this point and this was their first proper American/Canadian tour.
The first inlking of this tour was a performance at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California on August 19 1964. Lucky for us, there is footage of the show that exists. This was footage prepared by the local television station KCRA. As you can see below, there are fragments of the live show including "Twist And Shout", " You Can't Do That" and "A Hard Day's Night" whereby you can see the Beatles performing on stage at this point. Since it was 1964, there was still the uniform of the dark suits and white shirts typical of this era.
I've included a youtube video which may or may not be the actual audio since it includes a lot of other tunes in between the above mentioned titles. Otherwise, the audio can be found on such CDR titles as in "Live: Make As Much Noise As You Like".

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