Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Blackpool Night Out" - Another Plug For the Film

On July 19 1964, The Beatles performed live on stage for television. The performance took place at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool, England. The title of the television show was "Blackpool Night Out". This was another opportunity for the band to promote their latest LP, single and film "A Hard Day's Night".
The show starts off with a comedy sketch featuring The Beatles, Bernie and Mike Winters. Something about Ringo being a patient in a hospital (ironically) and the Winters act as surgeons. I 've never heard the sketch, so I can't really tell you much about it.
The show - as far as I know - does not exist on tape of any other visual form but it does exist as an audio recording. There are various bootlegs of the show as well as a link to "youtube" which I have kindly provided below for your entertainment. You can find the recording on the bootleg CDs: "Holly Bowl Complete (sic)" as well as the box set "Mythology, Vol. 2" and "Blackpool Night Out '64 - upgraded".
The songs performed during the show include four of five songs from the soundtrack LP to "A Hard Day's Night" as well as the title song from the EP "Long Tall Sally" (in the U.K.). The songs are: "A Hard Day's Night", "Things We Said Today" (the A and B sides of the UK single); "Things We Said Today", "You Can't Do That", "If I Fell" and "Long Tall Sally".

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