Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Beatles Live in Blokker

On June 06 1964, The Beatles performed at an auction house in the town of Blokker near Amsterdam. the location is the Veilghal Op Hoop Van Zegen. There were two shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The afternoon show exists on bootleg and the following songs were performed by the band:
The music contains "I Saw Her Standing There" (from the first LP), "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "All My Loving" (from the second LP), "She Loves You", "Twist And Shout" and ending with "Long Tall Sally".
These tunes can be heard on the LP "De Bietels Tussen De Bollen" as well as the CDR "Vinyl To the Core" as well as the CD "Jimmy Nicol and The Beatles".
I've also included a Youtube video of one song shown in this Dutch newsreel from the evening show: "I Saw Her Standing There" which is interesting watching Jimmy Nicol fill in for Ringo on drums.

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