Sunday, December 22, 2013

From Us To You For A Third Time

The Beatles recorded a radio show for the BBC on May 01, 1964 which was for their own show entitled "From Us To You". This show would be broadcast almost three weeks later on May 18 1964. The location of the recording are the BBC Paris Studios in London. The host for this show is Alan Freeman and various guests appear like Lulu, etc.
The theme song is sung by the band as "From Us To You" based on the previous hit "From Me To You" with some of the words changed, of course. The next song performed would be "White Monday To You" as this was a bank holiday in England. The tune is performed to the music of "Happy Birthday to You" (done twice, the second version being with more "gusto" and faster.The next track is from the first UK LP and the flip side of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in the states:  "I Saw Her Standing there" sung by Paul. Following this, the Beatles' arrangement of  "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey" is performed and this is a pre-EMI recording of the tune which would eventually appear on the fourth UK LP "Beatles For Sale"; once again sung mainly by Paul.
The next song performed is a cover of the Elvis tune "I Forgot To Remember to Forget" sung by George which has a play of words including an annoying introduction between George Harrison and Alan Freeman. After reading some requests, The Beatles perform the B-side to their latest single in the form of "You Can't Do That" which is sung by John with background vocals from Paul and George and featuring the 12-string Rickenbaker guitar ( a fairly new acquisition by George). The Beatles follow this is a performance of the cover "Sure To Fall (In Love With You)" featuring some nice harmonies and vocal by Paul in the middle part. This song would later feature on the Ringo Starr solo LP: "Stop and Smell The Roses" in the early 80s.
This is followed by an introduction by Paul and the performance of the latest single A-side "Can't Buy Me Love" double tracked by Paul. Another Carl Perkin's cover is then performed by the band: "Matchbox" sung by Ringo (taking over from an earlier version by John). The song would be officially recorded for EMI a month after the taping of this radio show and would appear on the "Long Tall Sally" EP in the UK. The third Carl Perkins cover is "Honey Don't" with having John Lennon on vocals although Ringo take over this rendition when recorded for the fourth LP "Beatles For Sale" later in the fall of 1964.
The show concludes with a repeat of the theme song "From Us To You" with a voice over and fades. The entire show can be found on the boot vinyl LP "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Ten" as well as on the  bootleg CD box "The complete BBC Sessions". Commercially, the song "I Forgot To Remember to Forget" can be found on the Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Live At the BBC"

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