Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Deauville Afternoon and Evening Performance

On February 16 1964, The Beatles performed twice from the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Both performances survive; obviously the televised version of their second live appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show circulates commercially, but this afternoon dress rehearsal performance from the same Hotel is also available and in one case, a portion of the dress rehearsal can be found on a commercial entity - see below.
In both the afternoon show and the evening show, the set list is exactly the same. There are no differences with the exception of Paul announcing "Good Afternoon" and "Good Evening" respectively. Both the afternoon and evening sets are performed live in front of an audience although there are sound problems in the afternoon performance that seems to be ironed out by the time the evening performance begins.
The first song played is "She Loves You" with John and Paul singing. John seems to have microphone problems for this tune and sings the wrong lyrics. The next song is the original ballad "This Boy" with three part harmonies from John, Paul, and George. The first segment of the set concludes with another tune from the first Capitol LP: "All My Loving" sung by Paul.
The second segment opens with a performance of "I Saw Her Standing There". During the afternoon dress rehearsal, Paul's microphone is turned off for the first part of the song. During the evening performance, John experiences a misguided microphone placement and has to lean down to do the harmonies on this tune. This is followed by "From Me To You" and ends with the big hit of the day in America: "I Want To Hold Your Hand".
You can find a portion of the afternoon performance on the "Anthology" documentary (it is the introduction to the "I Want To Hold Your Hand" performance). The entire afternoon audio can be found on the bootleg LP "The Beatles Conquer America". The entire evening audio can be found on various bootleg LPs including "Ed's Really Big Beatles Blasts", the evening video of the performance can be seen on the DVD "Ed Sullivan Presents The Beatles" and portions of the evening performance can also be seen on "The First US Visit" (mainly "All My Loving", "This Boy" and "From Me To You". The "Anthology" series shows a part of "This Boy" from the evening performance.

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