Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Ready, Steady, Go !" TV show

On October 04, 1963 The Beatles appeared at Studio Nine (number nine, number nine) at the Television house in London for an appearance on the television show "Ready, Steady, Go!".  The Beatles also brought their instruments with the appearance of the unusual Rickenbacker for George and Paul's new Hofner with the separated pick ups (which he would use for most of his career).
The Beatles mimed to three numbers: The first one being the last song on the first LP "Twist and Shout" along with the latest single b-side "I'll Get You" and it's accompanying A-side "She Loves You". In between the first and second number, Paul,George, and Ringo are interviewed by Dusty Springfield. The second song is mimed and then another interview takes place between John and Dusty Springfield. The third song is mimed and then questions from viewers are read by the host Keith Fordyce with involvement from all four Beatles.
The show ends with a miming contest judge by Paul. The winner is a young girl identified as Melanie Coe. In one of the strangest twists in the Beatles' story, Melanie Coe would run away from home in early 1967 and eventually her interview would appear in the "Daily Mail" newspaper. Paul would read the article and be inspired to compose the Sgt. Pepper track "She's Leaving Home".
Here is a link to the show (slightly edited).

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