Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Pop Go The Beatles" episode number Ten.

The last of the three shows taped at the BBC Paris Studio in London with the host Rodney Burke on July 16 1963. This evening performance was recorded betwee 08:45 and 10:30 PM and features some covers as well as some upcoming musical gems from forthcoming EMI Beatle LPs and EPs.
Let's take a look at the musical numbers, shall we? First off is another preview of the latest single (at the time) "She Loves You" which is actually the same performance taken from the previous "Pop Go The Beatles" episode nine discussed in the previous blog post. The newer music starts with a Buddy Holly cover sung by John and Paul which would be recorded the following year for the Beatles "For Sale" LP ; "Words Of Love". Following this cover is a George vocal for Carl Perkin's "Glad All Over".  A cover version of the Ann Margaret classic (ha ha) follows with a John vocal in the form of "I Just Don't Understand". This is followed by a cover version of the Donay's "Devil In Her Heart" with the lead vocal by George. The song would be recorded for the follow up LP two days after this performance in 1963. Lastly, a John vocal of the Larry Williams cover "Slow Down" with different lyrics than the recording of the song for the future "Long Tall Sally" EP to be recorded almost eight months later.
"Glad All Over", "I Just Don't Understand" and "Slow Down" have been released commercially on the Apple 2-LP/2-CD "Live at the BBC". "Devil In Her Heart" has also been commercially released as a track for the Apple CD single "Baby It's You".
The entire show can be found on the LP "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Five" as well as on the CD Gread Dane box set "The Complete BBC Sessions" on CD 4.
Earlier snippets of songs are featured on early bootleg compilations such as "Yellow Matter Custard" and "Studio Sessions, Volume Two".

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