Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Pop Go The Beatles" episode number eight

Moving on to the middle of July in 1963, the Beatles once again performed for the BBC on their radio show from the Paris Studio in London. Actually, three shows were taped this day but for this entry we will concentrate on the first taping. The date was July 16 1963. The host for this show is Rodney Burke.
Let's take a look at the tunes performed on this episode. The first song is "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)", an Elvis cover which features some really, really good playing by Ringo. Definitely a hightlight for the drummer. This is followed by "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" - another cover but this time originally recorded by Buddy Holly.  The third song performed is a cover version of "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey" with the Little Richard arrangement. This tune would eventually be recorded for the Beatles' fourth LP "Beatles For Sale" but this performance is recorded nearly a year before the commercial version.
The next song performed is the Teddy Bear's classic: "To Know Her Is To Love Her" which was also taped during the Decca Auditions on the first day of 1962. This version is much tighter featuring Ringo on the drums rather than Pete Best for the earlier taping. Following this is a cover version of "The Honeymoon Song" taken from the soundtrack for the movie "Honeymoon" logically enough. Another version of the song would pop up on the Apple LP "Postcard" by Mary Hopkin with Paul on acoustic guitar and production. Lastly, The Beatles perform a version of "Twist And Shout" being the last song from the first LP. All the songs performed are covers with no original compositions played (for this episode).
The show can be found on bootleg LP including "Yellow Matter Custard", "Airtime", "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Four" as well as CD four of the "Complete BBC Sessions" Great Dane box set.

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