Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Pop Go The Beatles" Third Episode

If you are following my posts in chronological order, you may be asking yourself if I skipped a show. Since I am going by what was "recorded" before what was actually "aired" for the BBC, this is the way it was done:
June 01 1963 was an extremely busy day for the Beatles. It was decided that not one but two shows for the upcoming "Pop Go The Beatles" series be recorded at BBC Paris Studios in one day. This is why the first one recorded was taped in the morning and into the early afternoon. It just so happened that the morning recorded ended up being the third episode aired. The afternoon recording which ended up being the second episode aired will be discussed in the next post. (Whew) !!
Although the two episodes were recorded in one day, the host remained the same; both were hosted by Lee Peters. This particular recording would be aired on the BBC on June 18 1963 which happens to be Paul's 21st birthday.
The first song to be performed (apart from the main theme) is "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues", a cover sung by John and never officially recorded for EMI. The next song to be performed is another cover that was never officially recorded for EMI and once again sung by John: "Memphis, Tennessee". The Beatles stop to give a short rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Paul and then launch into "Till There Was You" from the first LP and sung by Paul. The next song is a cover of George's hero Carl Perkins entitled "Sure To Fall" which is oddly sung by Paul. The Beatles (as a group) did not record this tune for EMI although Ringo officially released a version of the song during his solo career. The Beatles perform another cover entitled "Money (That's What I Want)" sung by John and this tune would be released later in the year for the second LP "With The Beatles". Lastly, the current single is promoted with a performance of "From Me To You".
The songs from this episode are scattered during the early vinyl bootleg days on such titles as "Wonderful Picture Of You", "Youngblood" and "The Beatles At The Beeb, Volume Three". On CD, "The Complete BBC Sessions" also contains tunes from this episode.

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