Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"From Me To You" session outtakes.

The Beatles returned to EMI studio 2 in order to record the follow up single to the previously released "Please Please Me/ Ask Me Why" 45 hit. The date was March 05 1963. The session lasted from mid afternoon and throughout most of the evening.
The single was originally to be the two songs: "Thank You Girl" as the A Side and "From Me To You" (a recent composition) as the B side. This was switched around after the arrangement for "From Me To You" was improved on.
The outtakes for "From Me To You" include the first four takes with the arrangement pre guitar solo. The remaining takes ( 5,6,7 and 8) include the middle solo. The song gets as far as take eight which would be used as the basic track for the commercial release. Six edit pieces are also available on bootleg featuring the harmonica overdub as well as vocal overdubs.
The outtakes for "Thank You Girl" feature six takes at the attempt of a basic track with the final take six being used for the commercial release. An edit piece for the ending of the song is attempted as well. The Beatles perform the edit piece from takes seven to thirteen (this edit piece is the one used on the commercial single).
Once both songs were completed, The Beatles turned their attention to a third song: "One After 909". there are no complete takes of the song. Four takes of the song feature breakdowns and take five is basically an edit piece of the ending. Most of the "complete" versions of this song are an edit of takes four and five made in 1976 and the same two takes edited in different spots in 1984 by Geoff Emerick. This version can be found on both the "Sessions" LP as well as the "Anthology 1" commercial release. The entire session can be heard on Vigotone's "March 5 1963 Plus the Decca Tape".

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