Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fly On The Wall

With the release of the LP/CD "Let It Be...Naked" came a bonus 45 vinyl disc (with the LP) and a bonus CD (with the CD) of material entitled "Fly On The Wall". This addition to the project is described as "A unique insight into the Beatles at work in rehearsal and in the studio during January 1969". The bonus material was released the same day as the commercial project (November 17 2003) and was included in the gatefold cover of the LP and as a second CD. All of the segments contained on the bonus material are from the Nagra A rolls which were used to sync up to the film during the making of the "Let It Be" movie.
All segments last less than two minutes with some of the segments lasting only a few seconds. Unfortunately, there is no real purpose to these recordings and you are better off getting the full versions from our friends (Vigotone, etc.) This is also a disc/CD that I have personally played maybe twice in my entire life as I already have the material on other sources.
The cover of the 45 bonus disc has the title of the project "Let It Be...Naked" and "Fly On The Wall" underneath. The photos are the same as the commercial front cover and the artist is listed below the photos. The gray back cover features the title and description. Underneath is the track listing for side 1 on the left and for side 2 on the right. The Beatles website address is underneath the track listing and the copyright is at the bottom. The bottom right contains the Parlophone and Apple logos. The bonus CD and 45 labels have the copyright perimeter print, the title at the top, a round film strip around the center hole, the artist at the bottom along with the catalogue number. The CD has the Apple/EMI/Copy Controlled logos at the left and the 45 label has the Apple and Parlophone logos at the left.
The tracklisting is as follows: Conversation (Roll 1), Sun King/Don't let Me Down (Roll 7), Conversation (Roll 12), One After 909/Conversation/ Because I Know You Love Me So (Rolls 16 and 17), Conversation/Don't Pass Me By/ Taking a Trip to Carolina (Roll 12), John's Piano Piece (Roll 70), Conversation (Roll 6), Child Of Nature (Roll 2), Back In The USSR/Conversation/ Every Little Thing (Roll 24), Don't Let Me Down (Roll 8), Don't Let Me Down (Roll 39), Conversation/All Things Must Pass (Roll 24), Conversation (Roll 25), Conversation/Improvisation (Roll 36), Conversation/Instrumental (Roll 51), Conversation (Roll 53), Get Back (Roll 114), Conversation (Roll 144), Two Of Us/Maggie Mae/Fancy My Chances With You (Roll 444), Conversation (Roll 54), Can You Dig It? (Roll 449), Conversation (Roll 414), Get Back (Roll 447), Conversation (Roll 458), Conversation/I Lost My Little Girl (Rolls 136/459). Many, many thanks to John C. Winn for the references.

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  1. Here are the DDSI ("Drugs, Divorce, and Slipping Image" -Sulpy) numbers for the Beatles' Let It Be... Naked Fly on the Wall Bonus Disc. Even MORE thanks to John C. Winn for his help!

    Conversation 2.03
    Sun King 2.52
    Don’t Let Me Down 2.52
    Conversation 3.25
    One After 909 3.65
    Conversation 3.65 + 3.67
    Because I Know You Love Me So 3.66
    Conversation 3.22
    Don’t Pass Me By 3.22 + 3.23 + 3.24
    Taking A Trip to Carolina 3.24
    Paul’s Piano Piece 8.07
    Conversation 2.40
    On the Road to Marrakesh 2.15
    Back in the USSR 3.127
    Conversation 3.127
    Every Little Thing 3.127
    Don’t Let Me Down 2.56 + 6.62
    Conversation 3.129
    All Things Must Pass 3.130 + 3.124
    Conversation 3.139
    John’s Jam 6.42
    Conversation 7.10 + 7.11
    She Came In Through the Bathroom Window 7.11
    Conversation 7.11
    Paul’s Bass Jam 7.12
    Conversation 7.20
    Piano Adagio/Improvisation 3.6
    Conversation 8.141 + 9.69
    Get Back 10.33 + 10.37
    Conversation 10.37 + 14.29
    Two of Us 24.40
    Maggie Mae 24.41
    I Fancy Me Chances with You 24.42
    Conversation 7.22 + 7.23
    Can You Dig It 24.85
    Conversation 24.85 + 21.73
    Get Back 24.56
    Conversation/I Lost My Little Girl 25.16 + 13.34