Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Hear It For Dennis...

The B side of the "Let It Be" single (Apple R 5833 in the UK and Apple 2764 in North America) contains on original Lennon/McCartney composition written jointly by John and Paul entitled "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)". This was an example of the zaniness prevailing during the Beatles' recording career and it remains one of Paul McCartney favourite Beatles songs !! It has a nice night-club feel to it and contains some wonderful "in-jokes" and humour.

The recording for the song began on May 17 1967 at EMI studio two with 14 takes of a basic track including drums, bass, guitars, percussion and vocals. Take ten was maked as best for the moment.

On Wednesday June 07 1967 at EMI studio two , there was an overdub onto the song (probably piano) but rather than use take 10, take 09 recieved the overdub instead. The rest of the session comprised of several unorthodoxed jams and improvisations.

The next day on Thursday June 08 1967 once again at EMI studio two, part two of the song was recorded in 12 takes, part three of the song was recorded in four takes, part four of the song was recorded in six takes and the final part of the song (part five) was recorded in one take. The instrumentation consisted of piano, bass and drums, guitar and vibes. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones also contributed some sax playing at this session.

All of the above recordings were edited together the next day on Friday June 09 1967 from the control room of EMI studio two as follows: named "take 30", the editing consisted of take 09 from part one, take 12 from part 2, take 4 from part three, take 6 from part four and take 1 from part five. The song at this point lasted over six minutes and was basically instrumental. A rough mono mix was attempted and completed at this session while acetates were cut for the Beatles to take away.

Fast forward to Wednesday April 30 1969 and the four track instrumental tape of "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) " is taken out of the vault. At EMI studio three, John Lennon and Paul McCartney added vocals and spoken nonsense to this track as well as overdubbing audience noise, applause, etc. Also at this session - once the vocals and effects were completed - three mono mixes were attempted with the third one being kept for the moment.

Finally, on Wednesday November 26 1969 at EMI studio two the original idea was to have "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" paired together as a single with the Beatles recording "What's The New Mary Jane" under the Plastic Ono Band moniker. At this session, in fact, "You Know My Name" was copyed from the third mono mix of April 30 1969 - bringing the mono mix to remix 4 and then being edited from over six minutes to over four minutes. The idea to release this single was eventually rejected and "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" appeared as the B side to the Beatles single "Let It Be" instead.

Original copies of the "Let It Be" single have the matrix numbers APPLES 1002 written in the run out groove of the B side and then crossed out.

"You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" remained in mono up to the Anthology project where is was presented for the first time in stereo although it was once again edited in different places. The original length of the song in stereo and/or mono has never been officially released. The stereo version with different edits can be heard on the Apple/EMI 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2".

As well as being found on the B side of the "Let it Be" single, this song is available on the EMI LP "Rarities" (UK version) as well as well as the Capitol promotional LP included in "The Beatles Box" from 1978 entitled "Rarities" and the Capitol LP "Rarities". The song can also be found on the Capitol /EMI 2-LP/ CD "Past Masters Volume two" and on the remastered Apple/EMI 2-CD "Mono Masters" and "Past Masters" (both latter versions presented in mono).

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